About APC

About APC

Bruce Service Sales & Rentals/APC was just Bruce Service Sales & Rentals when it first started in 1989. In 1990 it moved into its first business in Industrial Park in Chesley along with its sister company Multiple Enterprises Inc. It first started out as a small construction rental and waste haulage business. The business location was then sold in the spring of 2003 and they built a new location on Chesley’s main street in the south side.

In 2003 Bruce Service Sales & Rentals expanded into an automotive and truck parts franchise known as “APC”. The new name became Bruce Service Sales & Rentals/APC still operating the waste disposal, small construction rentals  small engine repair, and having the licensed garage in the back shop.

In 2004 a Stihl dealership was added to the parts store as well as lawn power products known as Columbia.

In 2009 we found a place in Hanover, Ontario where we would operate a second APC store location to serve the area and customers better. After a year of renovations, the doors opened in the spring of 2010.

In 2013 the business had started renovations and expanded its back shop in Chesley by adding three more bays and more mechanics to our licensed back shop to help keep up with the demand on small engine repairs, customer work, and keeping our own equipment afloat. A new distributor called Keystone Automotive has joined the front parts store which is the leading distributer in North America for automotive aftermarket parts and accessories.


390 1st Ave South, Chesley
Phone: 519-363-6345
Fax: 519-363-3699
Email: chesley@bruceapc.com


450 10th Street, Hanover
Phone: 519-364-6345
Fax: 519-364-4059
Email: hanover@bruceapc.com